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Why Enroll Your Child in Dance

Lets explore the benefits of dance

It’s summertime, and as a parent, you are trying to decide what to put your child in for the fall or beginning of the school year. There are so many different extracurriculars to choose from, how on earth do you pick what to do?! It’s as easy as sitting down and thinking about what you want your child to gain or learn through enrolling them into those activities. You want to make sure your dollars are being spent on the future development of your child right? So what values, skills, and attributes do you want your child to learn, and what extracurricular activities instill that through their lessons? That, my friend, is the answer to your problem!

Luckily for you, dance covers the majority of those skills parents are wanting their children to learn. Dance aids in their physical development, health and nutrition, positive self-confidence, healthy competition, and most importantly- valuable life skills (such as respect, responsibility, reasoning, and relationships- AKA the 4 R-Pillars).

Let's break those down for you, and see how you feel about enrolling your child into dance afterward!

Teamwork and developing a high emotional intelligence is also learned through dance! How to treat people in and out of the studio, how to work alongside each other for better support of a team, being there for one another in our relationships. We all want to be surrounded by people we know, like, and trust, so developing those friendships and meeting new people through dance can expand their network and help further their lives in the future when they are older.

learn respect, responsibility, and reasoning...

Tamra Chace

See, your child will gain so much more than just a physical dance class. They will grow and learn all of these valuable life tools within this single activity. It is definitely worth a try! So get signed up for those trail classes, and find the dance studio most suitable for you!

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