Why Classes Are Closed for Viewing

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Why Most Studios Don’t Let Parents Watch Classes

Once you have enrolled your child into dance classes, we understand the excitement you have. All you want to do is watch your child progress and snap those adorable photos of them. Then you find out after enrolling that the classes are closed to viewers?? Why is that?? What do you mean I can’t even watch my own daughter??

As the parent, don’t let this get you upset, worked up, or anxious. There are a ton of reasons why studios close their class doors to parents, and here are the most popular reasons.

Trust your teachers, trust your studio.

Tamra Chace

1. It makes most other students uncomfortable.

While your child might be okay with you peeking through the window, other children may react in a different way. We are dealing with all types of personalities in one room, and to make sure all of the students feel comfortable enough to express themselves, is one of our top priorities. In the mindset of kids, they even sometimes feel as though they are being judged by other moms on their dancing. This is sad but very true.

2. They learn independence in a safe environment.

This is especially true and beneficial for the pre-level classes. It is important to teach kids that “mom will drop you off for class, and be back in a few minutes”, (that mom always comes back) and this is a safe thing to do. This starts the process of them being too needy, and venturing to explore what it is like to be on their own, but obviously still safe with a teacher and surrounding staff. They can make decisions on their own in class, without looking over their shoulder for approval.

3. Teachers don’t teach to the maximum capacity while being watched by parents.

More so the younger the teacher, the more nervous and anxious they will be feeling with all the parents watching and having their own separate opinions on how the class should be run… (Please remember you are not the teacher). Regardless of the teacher's age and level of experience, it does bring a different energy into the room if parents are watching while a teacher works, and will end up stunting the growth and progression of your child.

4. You lose the element of surprise!

If you are constantly watching the classes every time your child is training, you lose the great element of surprise. There is nothing more thrilling than coming in for parent’s week or recital, and seeing your child complete all of these amazing steps and tricks. If you are always watching classes, the parent might feel as though their child isn’t really getting there, or disagree with the teaching methods and want to insert their opinions. I am telling you from firsthand experience, hold off on the peaking in class and wait to be surprised at the next viewing event!! You will be so much more proud and impressed with your child!!

5. Opens a can of worms.

If studios let all the parents in to watch every day, it would just open a can of worms for mama drama. Maybe you are one of those moms, but there is always one! There is unfortunately always one mom looking for something to nit-pick and complain about. And I can tell you one thing, that is something I do not tolerate…

6. It gets distracting.

There is always going to be someone who forgot to turn their phones off, or will whisper or snide at a comment. As a teacher, all of those things that happen in a small group of observing people are bound to happen… Or someone has to use the bathroom in the middle of class. It just gets messy, unprofessional, and unethical for a dance class.

So as you can see, there are a lot of different reasons why most studios won’t let parents watch classes. And if this is something you are extremely against, then you have to consider that maybe that studio isn’t for you. You should feel so comfortable and trusting with teachers at your studio, that you can leave your child for a few hours in a closed room with that teacher. If you have any extreme concerns, share them with the studio owner and see if you can work something out together.

Studio owners don’t do this out of spite, it’s just the ethical and professional route to handling a dance class and growing a technically sound team of dancers.

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