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Dance Journal 1st Edition

Dance Journal 1st Edition


GO THE EXTRA MILE WITH STUDENTS!! Goal Setting & Personal Development for Students!!

-Deepen the relationship with your students.

-Develop emotional intelligence.

-Set goals and track progress.

-Open untapped creativity and self-confidence.

Use this template to print out at your local printers, and have spiral bound for easy writing. Use this throughout your dance season as you like to achieve the above benefits with your class. We use this journal for students ages 7/8 and up.

We spend about 10 minutes every other week in our journals, so 2 pages per month give or take. No one else reads the journals except the teacher and student, which helps create a lasting bond. Some students are too shy to open up to teachers, this is a way for them to express themselves and feel closer to you as the teacher, without going directly face to face. This has helped many students- and I hope it brings you just as much joy!