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Acro Fundamentals Curriculum Book

Acro Fundamentals Curriculum Book



YOU need a complete acro curriculum that won’t take you hours to plan yourself.

YOU want to educate yourself with acro progressions and how to plan skills.

YOU need great material and exercises that will make you stand out as a teacher.

YOU want all of the above but to make it happen, you need a complete acro curriculum that can help you.

This is our NEXT LEVEL moving upwards in our studio, usually for ages about 6-8 years old. We recommend always starting with the pre-level regardless of age, but more for the progressions and foundations for skills. This next book builds from knowledge of the first one.

What if you could: Increase your student's flexibility and build their strength in the next 10 months? And have them limbering, and cartwheeling all over the place?

This curriculum and lesson plans we build off of the Pre Level acro, diving deeper into back bending practice, increasing flexibility, and strength, and having lots of fun while doing it. Parents are going to label you the GO-TO acro teacher this year!

This is the exact material we are all using in our dance classes at Chace Dance Company. It is proven to work (when taught correctly).

So let’s do this already!

You get this ENTIRE BOOK. INSTANTLY. Like right freaking now.

  • Description of skills
  • How to plan your classes
  • Teacher FAQ’s
  • Evaluation & Progress Charts


  • You can email me anytime with questions or if you need help (I got your back after too!)
  • AND all Playlist links will be listed in each lesson plan, along with an example class clip.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You Instantly receive a download link to your email.
  2. Simply download, and save in a safe place.
  3. Then purchase your lesson plans for year in the same process.
  4. Follow us on social to see more content.
  5. You’ve got yourself one AMAZING BOOK!

So let’s get this thing done!